About the educational program:

The goal of the program is to train competent designers in the field of graphic design, who have the necessary professional competencies and innovative thinking, high social and civic responsibility, who speak Kazakh, Russian and English, who are able to carry out creative and design activities in enterprises and organizations.

The bachelor's program is aimed at preparing future specialists in the field of graphic design. The courses of the program are designed to form bachelors' knowledge of the basics of design and the main tools for its implementation in professional activities, socially significant and professionally valuable qualities that ensure interaction in a multicultural society, communication skills through trilingualism and information and communication technologies, development of creative abilities to design design from company logo to interior design, taking into account market demand, creative research skills, critical thinking and professional self-improvement abilities.

What will you learn

As a result of the training, students will be able to:

possess the skills of artistic and design activities, the art of depicting reality with paints or drawings.

create elements and objects of graphic design using the basic laws and means of composition, types of graphics, fonts, styles. Use equipment and tools for printing processes, create graphic design objects, including those based on infographics

use specialized programs for designing graphic design of advertising products based on vector, raster and 3D graphics

develop website design, ergonomic and user-friendly application interface based on modern methods and programming tools

design interior and exterior design based on modern tools

shooting, editing, editing video material to create advertising and branded products.

Career prospects

Graphic Designer

Interior designer

web designer

Front end designer

Mobile designer

3D designer