Information Systems

About the educational program:

Information systems - a field of science and technology, which includes a set of means, methods and methods of human activity aimed at creating and applying systems for collecting, representing, storing, transmitting and processing information.

The purpose of the Bachelor's degree program in IP is the high-quality training of specialists in the field of information systems, including software, hardware, information, legal and management support for the development and maintenance of information systems.

Students of the educational program "Information Systems" should expect an interesting program designed to form competent specialists in the field of information systems, capable of self-development and adaptation to the rapidly changing world of technology and high-quality work with information systems.

Undergraduate students in the IP educational program are offered a choice of 5 main trajectories, from which they choose 1. The student also chooses an additional trajectory.

Data Analytics - Data Analytics

Mobile Design - Development of mobile applications

IT Project Management - IT project management

IoT - Development of the Internet of Things

IT-Audit - IT-audit

Additional trajectories:

Cybersecurity - Cybersecurity

Infographics - Infographics

IT Low - IT lawyer

Data analysis

SMART-ecology, etc.

What will you learn?

Studying under the educational program "Information Systems", students will be able to learn how to develop terms of reference for the development of an information system; to model the functional, information, software and technical support of the information system; develop information and software for the information system based on modern methods and development tools; process data; develop mobile applications; conduct IT audits in companies to optimize business processes; manage projects in the field of information technology and systems, as well as many other skills in working with information systems. In addition, students will have to understand the ethical issues in working with information technology and master the skills of critical thinking and analysis of the work done.

The personal development of a student is also important, who will be able to learn to adapt to any situation, independently study new technologies, prepare for a future life of constant self-improvement to meet the development of technologies and the requirements of employers, and fill knowledge gaps through working with a team and gaining experience from other participants in various professional fields. activities with information technology.

Career prospects

Graduates of the educational program "Information Systems" will become highly qualified and highly demanded specialists who will be able to find employment in the areas of software development of information systems, data analytics, data security, business process automation, project management in the field of information technology.

Information systems architect

data analyst

Mobile Application Developer

Internet of Things developer

Cyber Security Specialist

Network administrator

System Administrator

Senior programmer

Database Administrator

Systems Analyst

IT auditor

Control Systems Automation Engineer