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PR Management

PR Management

Academic degree: Bachelor of Business and Management

Code of the educational program: «6В04114 - PR Management» 

Description of the educational program:

Economic decisions, such as whether to buy or make a deal, are strongly influenced by emotions and available information. The role of specialists who can professionally disseminate information about new goods and services, innovative projects, the activities of commercial organizations, public and government structures is growing. We train creative-minded and innovative-oriented public relations specialists or PR managers. Their task is to ensure the interaction of companies with authorities, promote new ideas and projects, maintain social networks, design blogs and company websites.

 Subjects for admission:

After school: Mathematics, Geography
After College: Interview

Minimum points for admission: 
at least 50 points in subjects

Form of study and duration 
Full-time (after school) - 4 years
On the basis of college - 3 years

Benefits of learning:

The main feature of this profession in Kazakhstan is the high demand for qualified specialists. You will acquire unique competencies that are already in demand on the market today. These are intersectoral communication, systems thinking, project and process management. The program has two modules to choose from:

  • Public Relations ("PR")
    We will teach you how to manage internal and external communications of the organization and interact with the media (media).
  • Government Relations (interaction with government agencies)
    We will teach you how to build relationships with the authorities, and tell you about the specifics of the work of the press service in government agencies.

Students will learn:

  • Analyze communications and monitor media and social network
  • Plan and manage digital marketing costs
  • Manage business project communications
  • Create and post reputation content on the Internet and social networks
  • Build relationships with partners and investors, negotiate
  • Use advanced digital technologies and AI in your work

Career prospects
● PR manager
● External Communications Manager
● PR Specialist
● GR manager
● Marketing Analyst
● Digital marketer
● PR specialist
● Political strategist
● Development Director

Students can work at

  • Commercial enterprises in various fields
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Mass media
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Bodies of power and administration
  • Political parties


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