About the educational program:


The Accounting and Audit educational program is one of the popular areas in higher education. Graduates of the Accounting and Audit educational program become popular and universal specialists in accounting, necessary in each company and organization. They are the basis and support of any successful organization, since understanding finance, economics and statistics is the key to business development.


Accounting and audit is considered the "language of business" - the management tools of an organization without which no company can function. Knowledge and ability to apply this "language" correctly and effectively will allow future accounting and auditing professionals to plan, monitor, analyze and report on financial activities in various organizations of both the private and public sectors.

Students of the educational program "Accounting and Audit" will be able to obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge about the collection and processing of information, economics organization and accounting for financial and economic activities. In the future, graduates of the Accounting and Auditing program will be able to work as consultants and specialists in institutions such as tax administrations, authorities, treasuries, medical institutions, universities and colleges, securities commissions, business firms, customs, insurance organizations and many others.

What Will You Learn

Studying under the educational program "Accounting and Audit," students will be able to get both personal skills, such as analytical mindset, focus and perseverance, the ability to work with clients and accounting and analytical abilities, as well as specialized technical skills.


By mastering the theory of accounting and audit, students will be able to develop skills such as collecting, organizing, analyzing and recording information on the financial and economic activities of the organization, how to assess the financial condition of the company and plan its further growth. Moreover, students will receive knowledge of economic processes and phenomena, financial markets and forecasts for them, correct tax reporting, registration of accounting documentation, accrual and transfer of payments to the budget and budget funds, verification and control of financial reporting, purchase and sale of securities. In addition, students in the specialty "Accounting and Audit" will be able to gain knowledge both about working with private and state audit. Working with government audit will allow students to understand the legal requirements for accounting and auditing, and prepare for accounting and tax reporting in accordance with the laws on financial documentation. In the future, graduates of the educational program “Accounting and Auditing” will be able to apply their knowledge in numerous areas of economic activity, ranging from banks, to tax inspectorates, to insurance companies and budget funds.

Career prospects



Economic and Accounting Expert


Financial analyst

Finance Manager




Tax advisor