About the educational program:

The purpose of the EP is to train competitive specialists who are able to effectively carry out professional activities in the field of tourism and have practical skills in planning, organizing and managing the tourism business.

Academic Degree: Bachelor in Services

Form of education: full-time (traditional, distance)

Terms of study:

4 years - after secondary education

3 years - after secondary vocational education

2 years - after higher education

Program features:

- Demonstrate awareness of the global environment in which the business operates, as well as the national context;

- Demonstrate a sense of responsibility;

- Demonstrate leadership potential and effective teamwork;

- Understand and be able to apply research methodology;

- Assess key concepts of economics, finance, accounting, management, consumer behavior and marketing;

- Understand key business values and follow them;

- Apply analytical skills to diagnose, evaluate, solve problems and find opportunities in the field of tourism and hospitality;

- Use best management practices to develop business, operational and strategic plans, organize and monitor projects, manage resources, build teams and professional relationships;

- Independently collect, update and process information.

What will you learn

Graduates of this program will be able to demonstrate: familiarity is focused on the development of competencies for making managerial decisions in international and local companies operating in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The content of the professional activity of a bachelor in the field of hospitality services includes:

- Industrial and technological: standardization and certification of the tourism industry;

- Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international and domestic tourism;

- Hospitality industry and socio-cultural sphere; possession of technologies for the organization of tourism and hotel business;

- Knowledge of the organizational and legal foundations and forms of entrepreneurship in the socio-cultural service and tourism, financial, legal and tax regulations;

- Knowledge of the basics of international law in the field of tourism and the hospitality industry; skills of introducing innovative technologies into a modern business process.

Career prospects

tourism manager with a focus on management activities (management of tourism enterprises, hotel facilities, catering enterprises, airlines), tour guide, tourism instructor, head of a tourism group, employee / head of the tourism department in local executive authorities, manager for international and domestic tourism, guide-interpreter, organizer of events, brand manager, marketers and heads of marketing departments of tourism companies and the hospitality industry, heads of advertising services of tourism enterprises, heads of various services of the tourism and hotel and restaurant complex, specialists in government development bodies tourism, tourism consulting companies, tourism enterprise marketing services, tourism and sports industries.