About the educational program:

The purpose of the EP is to train highly qualified specialists for the transport sector in a competitive environment and rapidly changing information technologies, who have deep theoretical, practical and management skills in the field of transport services, have leadership and professional qualities in organizing the work of all elements of the transport and logistics system.

Academic degree: Bachelor in Services

Form of training: full-time (traditional, distance)

Terms of training:

4 years - after secondary education

3 years - after secondary vocational education

2 years - after higher education

Features of the program:

Innovative nature of training;

Interactive training methods

Practice-oriented classes with industry practitioners;

Author's courses of leading specialists;

Guest lectures of industrial employers;

Application of informational information                                              Trilingual training;

The possibility of participation in academic exchange programs, in scientific seminars and conferences, olympiads and project competitions;

Possibility of passing international practice in logistics and transport companies of near and far abroad.

What Will You Learn

Graduates of this program will be able to demonstrate: acquaintance with traditional and innovative models of business processes, acquire skills in analyzing the organization's management mechanism in the field of transportation organization and transport logistics.

The content of the bachelor's professional activity in the field of transport services includes:

organization and management of transport, distribution and production companies of various fields of activity;

conducting marketing research and organizing advertising campaigns to promote the logistics services offered by the enterprise to the domestic and international market;

conducting studies of the state of transportation organization and logistics of transport in Kazakhstan, CIS countries and in certain regions of the world;

study of the prospects for the development of the industry and its forecasting taking into account the characteristics of countries and regions.

Career prospects

Train Builder, Passenger Car Conductor, Train Speed Controller, Station Process Center Operator, Duty officer of the centralization post, Duty officer of the railway station, Train receiver, Cargo and baggage receiver, Goods cashier, Station attendant, Ticket cashier, Head of passenger train, Slide Operator, Train Dispatcher, Logistics Manager, Multimodal Transport Specialist, Supply Chain Transportation Engineer, Logistics Manager, Head of Transport, Lead Supply Planning and Procurement Specialist, Supply Planning and Procurement Specialist, Postal Logist, Railway Tariff Operator, Freight Forwarder, Logistics Manager, Multimodal Transport Specialist, Production Logistics Manager, Customs Clearance Specialist, Railway Tariff Operator.