Career Center:
The Career Center is a structural subdivision of the Eurasian Technological University and operates in accordance with the charter of the university. The activity of the center is aimed at assisting students in the passage of professional practice and the maximum possible employment of university graduates.

The main tasks of the career center:
- expansion of social partnerships, strengthening the university's ties with other organizations, industry and science;
- assistance in the passage of educational and professional (undergraduate) practice by students of university institutes and departments;
- promotion of employment, career growth of graduates and students of the university;
- orientation of university departments to the employment service of graduates;
- forecasting the needs of the structure in the labor market in accordance with the results of the examination in the labor market, determining the equality of demand and supply of specialists in the region and in the areas of higher professional education.

The main functions of the career center:
- together with institutes and faculties to ensure the planning and organization of all types of practice;
- together with the departments, conclude agreements with organizations and enterprises for professional practice, employment of graduates;
-Together with the departments, develop draft orders in order to single out student practitioners in accordance with the bases of practice and send students to professional practice;
- organization of professional practice, coordination of the activities of all departments related to the conduct;

- drawing up an order on the wages of employees of organizations and educational institutions related to the conduct of professional practice;
- establishing relations with ministries, departments, state organizations related to the conduct of professional practice, in order to determine the needs of specific industries in the necessary specialists;

- Creation of a database of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regional departments of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan based on requests from departments, specific regions and industries, specific specialties, organizations and enterprises;
- organization and holding of job fairs;
- organization of work on placement (individual placement) of graduates;
- monitoring the degree of satisfaction of employers, graduates with the level of education.