Our university has a reading room and a subscription, the total area of ​​the library is 140.3 sq.m., the reading room is 37.8 sq.m., the subscription is 102.5 sq.m. The total capacity is 26 seats. The reference and search apparatus of the library is represented by the KABIS electronic catalog. All users of the ETU and ETEC community have remote access to the electronic library, card file and electronic catalog of the library using the ETU website. There is WI-FI. The library is currently working on optimizing the collection, and by 2024 the picture of renewal will more realistically reflect the state of affairs. As of 01/01/2023, the total fund of the library is 218,590 copies, of which the scientific fund is 49668 copies, the educational fund is 168895 copies.

The library, being the information, educational and cultural center of the university, contributes in every possible way to obtaining a quality education and training highly qualified specialists; provides a book fund and modern electronic resources corresponding to the educational programs of the university; is in a continuous process of interaction with the faculties: it studies the needs of users, provides information services, regularly holds exhibitions of new acquisitions, and also develops cooperation with other universities of the city and the republic.

In the daily educational and scientific process of the university, the library seeks to create optimal conditions for its users. All activities of the library are aimed at making the reader feel comfortable, receive the necessary information, due attention of the staff and moral satisfaction from each visit.

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