Academic degree: Master of Business and Management

Code of the educational program: «7M04106-Communication Management» 

Description of the educational program:

Communication on the Internet and social networks are becoming an integral part of the life of modern society. The Master of Business and Management in Communications Management degree will allow you to manage business processes, projects and organizations at a qualitatively new level.

Form of study and duration 
Full-time - 2 years

Benefits of learning:

Master's degree is the second level of higher education, which:

  • provides training for graduates who own the technologies of making managerial decisions and communication with any clients, partners and stakeholders necessary for managers in their professional activities;
  • gives the right to engage in teaching activities.

Students will:

  • get first experience in project management;
  • acquire the skills of analysis and communication management;
  • master the methods and skills of scientific and research activities.

Career prospects

The program is focused on training managers for:
● research and teaching activities in management and communications;
● management activities in enterprises and organization;
● project management and communications;
● research materials from the media and social networks;
● building public relations of the company with the media and the public, conducting political communications.

Students can work at

  • scientific and other organizations of higher education;
  • in any state bodies;
  • in media holdings and mass media;
  • in PR and HR departments of Kazakhstani and international companies.

The uniqueness of the program lies in the training of specialists who possess the skills of making managerial decisions, communication and modern information and communication technologies.