Student Life

About student life at ETU

ETU students havean interesting and very eventful student life which provides all the opportunities for professional growth, self-actualization in social affairs, creativity, and sports. The main goal of creating a vibrant student life is to increase the level of personal competencies and soft skills of students. ETU student is able not to only participate in university-level events, but also capable of organizing a large-scale regional, republican, and international events.


The initiation party of the freshmen took place in the best traditions of American TV series, because the theme of the event was Forever & Young.


The annual unofficial initiation into ETU studenthood takes place on Lake Issyk in early dates of September, the organizers of the event are senior year students, and this is a kind of greeting of freshmen. The program of the event includes a cool show – program, food and commuting.

Annual trip to Medeo “ICE PARTY”

An annual trip to the high-mountain skating rink Medeo is carried out for students of all years and majors.Thanks to such events, the level of patriotism and student loyalty to the University increases.

Добрый день Вас приветствует Евразийский Технологический Университет, чем мы можем вам помочь?