Renewable energy source

About the educational program:

Energy is the most valuable resource on our planet, since without it it is impossible to use most of the benefits of civilization, from transport to household appliances. At the moment, the world prefers electric power, but due to changes in the climate, such as global warming, our decisions regarding the production of this energy have also begun to change. In the world of energy, there is a focus on energy efficiency of systems and products, minimizing costs and maximizing savings to protect the environment.

Renewable energy is one of the solutions to modern energy problems. Although the purity and safety of this type of energy for the environment is undeniable, this is only part of the problem. Another challenge facing the energy sector is to maximize the efficient use of energy while reducing dependence on fuel.

The renewable energy education program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to solve this problem and other problems related to the implementation of renewable energy in the modern world. Students will be able to master renewable energy theory, renewable energy production methods, renewable energy policies, the impact of renewable energy on the environment, and the efficient use of renewable energy with modern technologies.

What will you learn

Students majoring in renewable energy will be able to gain a range of theoretical knowledge about renewable energy, renewable energy production methods, existing renewable energy industries, and renewable energy policies. Renewable energy industries studied include wind power plants, solar power plants, and biofuels such as marine algae-based biofuels.

Students can also develop basic science and engineering skills in mathematics, mechanics, electricity, manufacturing, CAD, and design. Moreover, students will be able to learn the concepts of renewable energy distribution and efficient use of renewable energy in engineering systems. In addition, students will acquire skills in computer modeling of energy systems, optimization of renewable energy systems through computer technologies, methods for calculating renewable resources in accordance with environmental protection requirements, solving problems of mathematical modeling of renewable energy problems, and much more.

The list of potential technical skills includes the design, construction and operation of renewable energy installations, maintenance of power plants, calculation of basic parameters and operating modes of power plants, assessment of the impact of power plants on the environment, installation of renewable energy devices and working with technical documentation.

Career prospect
Power mechanic
Engineer-designer of electric generators and transformers
Energy systems and circuits specialist and renewable energy specialist
Regular price
480 000 Tenge/Semester
360 000 Тенге/Семестр
ЕНТ 110-119
456 000 Tenge/Semester
Evening training
480 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 100-109
456 000 Tenge/Semester
UNT 120 and higher, PED.specialty, as well as ETU graduates, ЕТК, ЕАК
456 000 Tenge/Semester
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