Pedagogy and methods of primary education

About the specialty

If you have a passion for inspiring and teaching young students, and You want to get the best career opportunities after graduation, then the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” is waiting for you. This exciting specialty offers many opportunities to explore your interests and develop basic skills and experience in primary school teaching. Working with children requires commitment, patience, sensitivity and enthusiasm, but it is interesting and useful. If You think you have these qualities, then teaching can be Your future career.

Students majoring in “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education ” will gain knowledge and understanding of the entire core curriculum and core subjects, strengthen their specialized knowledge in certain areas, and begin to develop their leadership and management skills. Students will also study child psychology, the development of creative and personal skills of children and their upbringing.

In the future, graduates of the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” will become highly qualified specialists in the field of pedagogy, and will be able to find a job and work in educational institutions that provide primary school education at the district, city and regional levels.

What will you learn

Studying in the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”, students will learn methods of pedagogy and primary education, creating curricula and other methods of organizing the learning process, the theory of the main subjects of primary education and supporting existing standards of primary education.

In addition, students will acquire knowledge of the psychology of students, learn to understand students as individuals, learn the mechanisms of their upbringing and personal development, learn to motivate children in the learning process, learn to understand and evaluate the impact of age on learning and development, and study the formation of children’s character and thinking.

Along with psychological skills, students will master the skills of pedagogy: how the educational process works and how to conduct it, the need for educational processes and their place in the learning process, the integrity of the educational and educational process, didactics, innovative educational methods and technologies, typology, models of educational organization, and many others.

Students will also learn to reflect on their work and correctly evaluate their educational process, make changes to their methods, take into account the individual characteristics of students and how to interact with them correctly. Moreover, students will have to develop their skills in working with computers and necessary programs, as well as working with other digital technologies of the educational process, such as smart boards.

Career prospect
Primary school teacher
Specialist in pedagogy and methods of primary education
Social teacher
School psychologist
Regular price
480 000 Tenge/Semester
360 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 110-119
456 000 Tenge/Semester
Вечернее обучение
480 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 100-109
456 000 Tenge/Semester
UNT 120 and higher, PED.specialty, as well as ETU graduates, ЕТК, ЕАК
456 000 Tenge/Semester
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