Евразийский технологический университетOrganization of transportation, movement and operation of transport
Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport

About the educational program:

“Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport ” is an educational program located at the crossroads between logistics and transport, vehicles and technologies. While logistics involves improving the overall efficiency of business and supply chains, and the study of transport technologies includes elements of mechanical engineering, the specialty “organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport” is a narrower, focused specialty. This specialty teaches passenger and cargo transportation management, road traffic control and safety, and other skills related to the efficiency and safety of transport movement.

Studying under the program “organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport”, students will be able to gain knowledge on passenger transportation management, traffic control skills, transport safety assessment and many other aspects of transportation organization. Students will also receive training in organizational and managerial, design, operational and calculation skills.

Graduates of the program “organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport” will be able to work in organizations engaged in passenger and cargo transportation, railway transportation, road safety services and other institutions related to the work of transport.

What will you learn

Studying under the program “organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport”, students will receive a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Students will learn how to manage human and financial resources, traffic patterns, traffic safety standards, traffic design and modeling, fundamentals of Economics, calculations and financial calculations, and legal regulations related to traffic.

In addition, students will gain skills in designing transport management systems, improving these systems for greater efficiency, evaluating the cost of human and financial resources for creating new systems and improving existing ones, evaluating the safety of transport movement systems, and other design and management skills. They will also learn to understand advanced transport technologies and how to implement them in existing systems, the classification of different goods and how to transport them, environmental requirements for the movement of transport, working with legislation, certification and licenses, and economic skills related to taxes.

Moreover, students will gain skills in working with people, making complex management decisions, maintaining financial records and selecting human resources.

Career prospect
Specialist in vehicle standardization
Train dispatcher
Transport services Manager
Transport technology production Manager
Transport operations Manager
Employee of the state authorities for inspection of transport and to ensure transport safety
Specialist in automation of transport systems and the like
Regular price
480 000 Tenge/Semester
360 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 110-119
456 000 Tenge/Semester
Evening training
480 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 100-109
456 000 Tenge/Semester
UNT 120 and higher, PED.specialty, as well as ETU graduates, ЕТК, ЕАК
456 000 Tenge/Semester
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