mechanical engineering

About the educational program:

Mechanical engineering is a field of technical activity that provides technological solutions to problems in society, develops economic activity and develops the technical condition of any country. Specialists in mechanical engineering are in demand in the technological labor market, and future graduates of the educational program “mechanical engineering” will be able to find employment in the fields of production of technical equipment, equipment for the oil and gas sector, automotive engineering, transport production, power engineering, railway engineering and many other industrial and machine-building institutions.

The educational program “mechanical engineering” provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills about the basics of mechanical engineering, technological processes and equipment, automation of production processes, production management and design activities. Students will be able to acquire skills in both mechanical engineering and management, research and design areas.
Graduates of the mechanical engineering program will be able to work as turners, mechanics, automation engineers, equipment engineers, operation engineers, quality control engineers, machine builders, designers, electrochemists, technologists and foundry workers.

What will you learn

Studying under the “mechanical engineering” program, students will get a knowledge base about technological equipment and processes, implementation of technological processes in production and mechanical engineering, tools for technological equipment, the basics of design and technical control. Students will also learn how to work with materials, assemble products and devices, work with machines, measure objects, evaluate and control the quality of goods, control the quality of workshops, assess the stability of production, automate production, and many other practical skills in mechanical engineering.
In addition, students will be able to master research, organizational and managerial skills related to mechanical engineering. These skills include understanding and organizing the work of performers, developing business plans and management algorithms, using computing devices, engineering Informatics, research of automation and production facilities, and design.

Moreover, students will have the opportunity to develop personal skills along with professional knowledge and skills. Students will develop computational skills, acquire a practical mindset, develop care and accuracy, as well as perseverance in working on products and devices.

Career prospect
Regular price
480 000 Tenge/Semester
360 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 110-119
456 000 Tenge/Semester
Evening training
480 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 100-109
456 000 Tenge/Semester
UNT 120 and higher, PED.specialty, as well as ETU graduates, ЕТК, ЕАК
456 000 Tenge/Semester
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