About the educational program:

Educational program “Economy” it is one of the most popular areas of higher education. The Economics curriculum provides students with basic skills to understand how the modern economy works, both at the macro level of cities, countries, and continents, and at the micro level of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Graduates of the educational program “Economics ” become universal, in-demand specialists in the labor market, who have the opportunity to work in numerous areas from accounting to banking automation.

Educational program “Economics” provides students with knowledge about economic models, people as consumers and buyers, employment and wage models, and other scientific models. Moreover, this training program helps you understand how to correctly apply these models in real life to predict future performance. In addition, students will be able to learn skills such as calculation and business planning in this specialty. Studying in the field of Economics also helps students adapt to the ever-changing world of Economics and develop personal qualities such as analytical mindset, ability to make independent decisions and work with large amounts of information.

Graduates of the Economics program will be versatile specialists in demand for a wide range of positions. Future economists will be able to work in both the public and private sectors; potential areas and objects of work are Finance and banking; energy, medicine and other private enterprises; public institutions; business; accounting and many others.

What will you learn

Students of the educational program “Economics” they will be able to acquire and develop both personal and technical qualities in the learning process. Focusing on subjects such as mathematics and statistics allows you to develop an analytical mindset and help the student identify and solve problems, while knowledge of the specialty will help you understand both theory and practice in Economics. Training program “Economy” it also helps students become adaptive, ready to constantly work on themselves and able to make difficult decisions.

The educational program “Economy” allows you to understand the microeconomics of individual entrepreneurs, organizations, and groups, as well as the macroeconomics of employment, inflation, and other factors in cities, countries, and continents. Economics provides knowledge not only about numbers and money turnover, but also a deep understanding of how people make decisions about purchases and sales. Moreover, Economics provides skills for efficient resource allocation, planning, management, and accounting. The theoretical part of the program provides knowledge about economic models, economic policy, economic history, market economy, and international sales. In the meantime, the practical part of the program includes skills in documenting operations, performing budget calculations, accounting, reporting, and performing inventory and property assessment work.

Understanding how different variables in the economic world interact with each other and how this behavior can be modeled to predict future changes allows graduates of the program “Economics” to work as consultants and experts in various fields from education, to medical care, to banking and public Affairs.

Career prospect
Bank employee
Investment manager
Financial economist
Regular price
480 000 Tenge/Semester
360 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 110-119
456 000 Tenge/Semester
Evening training
480 000 Tenge/Semester
ЕНТ 100-109
456 000 Tenge/Semester
UNT 120 and higher, PED.specialty, as well as ETU graduates, ЕТК, ЕАК
456 000 Tenge/Semester
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