General education, pedagogy and design

Bachelor’s And Master’s Degrees

This educational program is designed for those who have their own vision and desire to Express themselves. Here you will learn how to change the world around you, mastering the skills of working with graphic tools.

Undergraduate Majors
The conditions of admission
  • Successful completion of the UNT – a passing score of at least 50 points for all educational programs, except for the areas of training “Pedagogical Sciences”, where the passing score is at least 60 points;
  • Persons with technical and professional, post-secondary education;
  • Education (colleges) that enter related specialties for training on a reduced term on a paid basis are enrolled based on the results of an interview.
Relevant document
  • application for admission in a standard form;
  • the document on education with the Appendix (original);
  • a copy of the identity document;
  • UNT certificate;
  • certificate of state grant award (if available);
  • medical certificate f – 086U with a fluorography image;
  • F-063 (vaccination card);
  • photos 3*4 (6 PCs);
  • certificate of enlistment (for those who are liable for military service).
Date of submission of documents
Categories of applicantsDeadline for accepting applicationsThe timing of the exams
School and College graduates01.05.20 – 10.05.20 20.06.20 – 05.07.20
Graduates who want to enroll in paid training25.07.20 – 03.08.20 17.08.20 – 20.08.20
Students who want to transfer from creative professions to other ones25.07.20 – 03.08.20 17.08.20 – 20.08.20
Persons arriving on creative specialties20.06.20 – 07.07.20 08.07.20 – 13.07.20
Persons applying for pedagogical majors20.06.20 – 14.08.20 20.06.20 – 14.08.20
Enrollment in the number of students in undergraduate10.08.20 – 25.08.20 ————————
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