Bachelor’s And Master’s Degrees

Learn how to work with electricity, build cars and design renewable energy facilities to become a specialist in demand at all times.

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The conditions of admission
  • Successful completion of the UNT – a passing score of at least 50 points for all educational programs, except for the areas of training “Pedagogical Sciences”, where the passing score is at least 60 points;
  • Persons with technical and professional, post-secondary education;
  • Education (colleges) that enter related specialties for training on a reduced term on a paid basis are enrolled based on the results of an interview.
Relevant document
  • application for admission in a standard form;
  • the document on education with the Appendix (original);
  • a copy of the identity document;
  • UNT certificate;
  • certificate of state grant award (if available);
  • medical certificate f – 086U with a fluorography image;
  • F-063 (vaccination card);
  • photos 3*4 (6 PCs);
  • certificate of enlistment (for those who are liable for military service).
Date of submission of documents
Categories of applicantsDeadline for accepting applicationsThe timing of the exams
School and College graduates01.05.20 – 10.05.20 20.06.20 – 05.07.20
Graduates who want to enroll in paid training25.07.20 – 03.08.20 17.08.20 – 20.08.20
Students who want to transfer from creative professions to other ones25.07.20 – 03.08.20 17.08.20 – 20.08.20
Persons arriving on creative specialties20.06.20 – 07.07.20 08.07.20 – 13.07.20
Persons applying for pedagogical majors20.06.20 – 14.08.20 20.06.20 – 14.08.20
Enrollment in the number of students in undergraduatePersons applying for pedagogical majors10.08.20 – 25.08.20 ————————
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