Евразийский технологический университетNewsInternational Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “Modern Kazakhstan: reforms of education and science”
International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “Modern Kazakhstan: reforms of education and science”



The Eurasian Technological University invites you to take part in the

International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

“Modern Kazakhstan: reforms of education and science”

October 14, 2021 at the address:

Almaty, 109b Tole bi str. and Dosmukhamedov str.

Covered areas of the Conference (sections):

– Innovations and investments as drivers of economic development of Kazakhstan;

– IT technologies in production and business;

– Actual problems of protecting the rights of citizens and legal entities: issues of theory and practice;

– Problems of research and teaching of humanities in modern conditions;

– Innovative technologies in engineering.

The working languages of the conference are Kazakh, Russian, and English.

An electronic collection of materials will be formed, which can be downloaded in PDF format from the university’s website www.etu.edu.kz. The collection will be assigned an international ISBN index.

The text of the messages or reports should be made in MS Word format, no more than 5 pages, font size is 14 (for the list of references, font size is 12), interval is 1.0, the font style is Times New Roman, page width alignment, margins on all sides are 20 mm. Materials are accepted by e-mail: etu_conference_2021@mail.ru. The articles and the registration forms of the participant will be accepted until September 30, 2021.

The cost of participation in the conference and placement of the article in the electronic collection is:

Registration fee – 1000 tenge for students, 2000 tenge for undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff (citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan), or at the exchange rate at the time of payment for citizens of other countries.

The participant’s report – payment free. These reports will be selected by the organizing committee from October the 1st  to the 7th. The participants of the chosen reports will be notified by email.

The conference program will be sent out after October the 7th, 2021, taking into account the selected reports by sections.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject reports which did not followed the requirements and do not correspond to the topic of the conference or received after September 30, 2021.

The authors are responsible for the scientific content and presentation of the materials. Materials that do not meet the conference topic and format requirements, or sent later than the deadline, will not be considered and will not be returned.

The text of the report is drawn up according to the following scheme: The surname and initials of the authors and scientific supervisors (if available) are at the beginning of the document and in the center. It needs to be indicated in capital letters, including the academic degree, place of work, city, country. The title of the report is on the next line and– the text of the report is on the next line too.

Example of the report format

KOLYSH The 3rd year student, Eurasian Technological University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, A. K. ALIYEVA Scientific Supervisor, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of ETU, Almaty, Kazakhstan.   ANALYSIS OF OIL PRODUCTION BASED ON THE CHAIN METHOD   The text is the original and cannot be edited. A list of references is provided at the end of the report. References to the literature are mandatory.   Examples of bibliographic descriptions of the sources used: 1 Express information. About the costs of environmental protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. July, 2017. Online access: http://www.stat.gov.kz Tuyakova, Z. S., Chertkova, A. A. Classification of environmental costs in the modern world / / Bulletin of the Orenburg State University, No. 8 / 2009, pp. 111-116. Kabylova, N. et al. Accountant (Basic Accounting): textbook / 3rd ed., reprint. and add.- Astana:Folio, 2011. – 376 p.

Registration form of the conference participant

Surname, first name  (in full)______________________________________

Place of study or work, position_________________________________________

Academic degree, academic title______________________________________________

Contact phone number, email address _____________________________________

Surname, first name, of the scientific supervisor (in full)_________________

Place of work, position ____________________________________________

Academic degree, academic title_______________________________________________

Participation with or without a report _____________________________________________

Title of the report__________________________________________________________

Direction of work (section)________________________________________________

Participation online/offline ___________________________________________________

The costs of travel to the conference will be borne by the participants

 The address of the Organizing Committee: 109a Tole bi str., Almaty, 050012, Eurasian Technological University, Department of Science, office 212, tel.+7 (707) 716 – 43 – 22; +7 (776) 716 – 43 – 22 E-mail: etu_conference_2021@mail.ru Payment details: Eurasian Technological University LLP BIN 000340007047 KBE 17 KZ KZ 128 560 000 005 550 311 JSC “BankCentrCredit” BIC KCJBKZKX 050012 Almaty, 109 Tole bi str., E-mail address of the reception: info@etu.edu.kz,  Office 8(727) 292 59 00, 292 38 59
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