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ETU: Innovations in Education and Science, New Technologies

Launch of the New School of Law: The Path to Legal Excellence

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and completely unique School of Law, which is designed to be a source of knowledge, quality instruction and professional development for anyone seeking a successful legal career.

Our School of Law offers an in-depth study of the legal sciences focused on the practical application of knowledge in the real world. We strive to ensure that our students not only learn about laws and legal procedures, but also develop the ability to apply them in various areas of legal practice.

Our School of Law program includes a wide range of courses, from basic principles of law to specialized courses in corporate, tax, and international law. Our entire faculty consists of distinguished professionals with extensive experience in various legal fields, ensuring that our students have a full and comprehensive understanding of modern legal processes.

Our School of Law also offers unique opportunities for hands-on experience, including internships at prominent law firms, participation in legal conferences and seminars, and the opportunity to work in our Law Center providing legal assistance to a wide range of our clients. 
We invite anyone seeking a career in law to join our exciting and innovative School of Law. Here you will find the knowledge, skills and opportunities to make a successful start in the exciting and demanding world of legal work. 
Welcome to the School of Law! 
Sincerely, School of Law Administration