Scientific Research

The Department of Science informs the departments and ensures participation in scientific projects, programs, contests and grant competitionsfor university scientists by organizing the implementation of fundamental, exploratory, applied research workfunded from budgets of all levels, including extra-budgetary funds, and economic contracts. 

Under the grant financing program of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Educationand Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2020, following the meeting of the National Scientific Councils, three projects were funded in the amount of 51,078.651 thousand tenge (Contract No. 94 dated March 05, 2018) for the entire duration of the projects. List of projects implemented within the framework of the GF 2018-2020

IRNScientific Supervisor’s Full NameName of the project Priority
Amankulov E.S.
Development of a new technology of producing radio-absorbing, electrically conductive, electromagnetic and magnetic polymer composite materials (REEM PCM) by the method of magnetohydrodynamic structure formation and study of the functional properties of REEM PCM
1. Rational use of natural resources, including water resources, geology, processing, new materials and technologies, safe products and structures;

1.26. Polymeric materials with special properties
Dutbaev E.B. The effect of fungi of the genus Fusarium and drought on the productivity and physiological state of soybeans4. Life and health sciences.
4.1. Basic and applied research in biology
Temirbekova Zh.A. Issues of gender equality and empowerment of women within the framework of the idea of “Mangilik el” as a project of the welfare state of Kazakhstan 5. Scientific foundations of “Mangilik el” (education of the XXI century, fundamental and applied research in the field of humanities);
5.1. Basic and applied research in the field of socio-economic and humanitarian sciences

October 28, 2019 there was amonitoring which was carried out by NNS and NTsGNTE within the framework of the project “Issues of gender equality and the empowerment of women within the framework of the idea of” Mangilik El “as a project of the welfare state of Kazakhstan”, supervised by  Zh.A. Temirbekova.  

The commission consisted of 4 people. The results were positive. The work for the reporting year was successfully completed (according to the calendar plans), interim reports were submitted to the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition, the following initiative-research scientific projects are implemented by the university scientists based on Educational Programs:

1RK No. 0119RKI107
Economic essence and features of the development of the IT sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ploshay A.G.2019-2021Own funds
2RK No. 01119RKI0014
The influence of the collaborative environment on the formation of the personality of primary school students

Masyrova R.R.2019-2021Own funds
3RK No. 0119RKI 0054
Collaboration of national and modern clothing in the creation of competitive products

Eralieva M.Zh.2019-2021Own funds
4RK No. 0120RKI0050
Virtualization of traffic and transportation process improvement

Agabekova D.A.2020-2022Own funds
5RK No. 0120RKI0029
Current issues of protection of citizens’ rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of modern modernization

Adilova K.A. 2020-2022Own funds
6RK No. 0120RKI0052
Autonomous source of heat and power supply based on the free-piston Stirling engine

Laptev V.2020-2022Own funds
7RK No. 0120RKI0051
Development of the draft enterprise standard for agricultural machinery of “SPC of Agroengineering” LLP»

Zhumatay G.2020-2022Own funds
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