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Our goal is to make your learning a foreign language as easy and fun as possible.

The specialists of the Linguistic Center have extensive teaching experience, have international certificates, and regularly undertake internships at leading universities and language schools in the world.

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Learn a new language
Learn the state language for everyday and business communication;
Get a promotion at work;
Prepare for school, UNIVERSITY admission;
Communicate freely during business trips and travel;
Pass international exams in a foreign language for the highest score;
Bring your current level of language proficiency to perfection;
Do tasks faster and better in class and at home;
Train your company’s employees to be proficient in a foreign language.
Kazakh, Russian, English 6+;
English for children;
General и Business English;
The holidays with benefit;
Preparation for UNT, TOEFL, IELTS and master’s programs;
Seminars and trainings for teachers;
English and Kazakh right in your office;
Kazakh and Russian for foreigners;
Translation service.
In mini-groups;
In your office;
Adjusting to your work or main study schedule;
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    Республика Казахстан, г.
    Алматы, ул. Толе би, 109Б
    6 этаж, кабинет №615



    +7 (707) 819 86 99

    +7 (707) 819 86 99

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    ПН-ПТ, с 9:00 до 18:00, без перерыва


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