Health care

The University takes care of the health of its students!

Here you can find everything that a student needs to get high-QUALITY medical services in a timely manner.

ETU medical center
ETU chief medical officer

Anastasia Vasilyeva

  • 109B Tole bi str., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
ETU chief nurse

Evgeny Fedotov

Work schedule
  • Mon – Fri – 8:30 – 20:30
    Sat – 8:30 – 13:00
    Sun – Closed
Mandatory medical examinations for students
Name of the surveyTime-frameWhere can I do this
FluorographyEvery 6 monthsIn any clinic
GastroscopyAnnuallyIn any clinic

The medical center does not provide intensive care. For treatment, you need to contact clinics in Almaty.

Medical care during non-working hours.

Students can contact the Medical center for help from a nurse until 20:30 (on Saturday until 13:00). To get medical treatment in the evenings or on weekends, please contact your insurance company or the doctor you are assigned to.

Required medical documents for University admission
Applicants, when submitting documents to the Admissions Committee, must provide a full set of documents for the Medical center:

Medical certificate of health status (form 086/y)
examination results and medical report
A copy of the vaccination card – form 063/u (copies of records of vaccinations performed from the vaccination card)
results of a chest x-ray examination, necessarily the original image with a description, with a stamp, full name of the radiologist, personal seal.
Fluorographic images of nonresident students must be certified in the x-ray room of any medical institution

Foreign students must also submit documents to the medical center, but it is important to know that medical documents issued in their home country may not be valid in the city of Almaty, so we recommend that you have a copy of the vaccination card, while a foreign student and employee can get a certificate f-086/y and undergo a fluorographic examination in Almaty.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a voluntary health insurance package that includes full medical coverage upon arrival in Kazakhstan. A medical policy made in your home country may not cover treatment and hospitalization. Moreover, even if the company agrees that a certain case is insured, the foreign student or employee will have to pay on their own — receiving compensation is possible later, after returning to their home country.

If a foreign student or employee applies to a medical institution, it is necessary to notify the employee of the medical center.

Annual fluorographic examination

Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis is one of the priority directions of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan and supported by the legislative acts of the state and of the Ministry of health. An annual preventive fluorographic examination is mandatory for all residents of the country, and evading it entails administrative penalties.

Tuberculosis at an early stage of the disease can be effectively treated. It is necessary to undergo a timely fluorographic examination.

According to state requirements, all ETU students and employees must undergo an annual fluorographic examination and submit a picture with a description to the medical center. Students and employees who do not provide the survey results in a timely manner may be blocked from accessing the Platonus AIS.

medical information for students
  1. Medical staff of the medical center cannot issue certificates for students. Such certificates can only be provided by the attending physician to whom the student is attached.
  2. Medical staff of the medical center do not have the right to exempt a student from exams or projects. The final decision is made by the Professor, faculty, or relevant Committee.
  3. A medical certificate is not issued “past date” (i.e. if the student did not attend classes due to illness and did not seek medical help during the illness).
  4. Employees ‘ sick lists are provided only to the HR Department.
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