Objectives of the Science Department:

  • organization of research work of University departments;
  • formation of a research plan in accordance with the development strategy of research work;
  • normative-informational and organizational-consulting support and support of research work and scientific activities of the University; < / li>
  • promotion of innovative projects;
  • control over the implementation of research work, plans and regulatory documents of research;
  • organization of interaction between university departments in the interests of improving the quality of research, modernization of research work in accordance with modern requirements, implementation of the development strategy research activities of the university;
  • patent protection of intellectual developments.

The main tasks of the Department of Science at the university:

  • Implementation of state policy for the development of education and science in accordance with the laws and other regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • control over the implementation of research work, implementation of plans and regulatory documents of research;
  • development of cooperation with research institutes, research centers and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, round tables, seminars and circles with the participation of the teaching staff, young scientists and university students;
  • coordination of research and development work of students at the university;
  • assistance in meeting the educational needs of young people from the foreign Kazakh diaspora;
  • exchange of scientific-technical and scientific-pedagogical achievements between universities of the near and far abroad;
  • commercialization of university research results
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