ETU military Department

By order of the Minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the selection for training at the military Department is carried out on the basis of a competition. Students who study full — time-citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan (boys and girls) under the age of 25 for the year of military training are allowed to participate in the competition.

Documents acceptance

Acceptance of documents by the military Department begins on March 1 and ends on may 20 of the year of admission, and the results of the medical examination on may 31 of the year of admission, inclusive of the year of the competition.

Documents provided
  • ID card + copy;
  • certificate of attribution + copy;
  • certificate from the Dean’s office of the University indicating the year of admission, full-time course, specialty;
  • certificate from the PSC about no criminal record;
  • photo 3×4 – 2 pieces;
  • the original and a copy of one of the documents (if available) confirming the absence of custody of the child of the only or both parents, or documents confirming the establishment of guardianship (guardianship);
  • orphans and children left without parental care must additionally submit an original and a copy of one of the documents listed below:


  1. death certificate;
  2. a court decision to deprive parents of their parental rights, restrict them in their parental rights, recognize parents as missing, incapacitated (limited legal capacity), declare them dead;
  3. documents confirming the search for parents, the removal of the child (children) from the parents, the presence of parents on long-term treatment in health care organizations, the act of throwing the child (children).

Students pass a medical examination in the year of the competition in the period from March 1 to may 31 inclusive.

The procedure for selecting students

The competition for the selection of students is carried out in three stages:

  1. stage I — passing a medical examination in accordance with the order of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. stage II — conducting professional psychological testing;
  3. the

  4. phase III — test of physical fitness according to the standards defined in accordance with the order of MES RK.

* Each stage of the competition can only be completed once. Applicants who have not passed the previous stage are not allowed to proceed to the next stage.

Documents required for medical examination
  1. The dermatovenerologic dispensary – Manas street, street corner M. Ozturk, opposite the children’s hospital;
  2. Narcological dispensary – 10 makataeva street (behind the Green Bazaar, closer to Gorky Park);
  3. <

  4. Psychiatric clinic – 117 Kablukova street;
  5. Tubdispanser – at the place of residence (Lugansky street behind the hotel Kazakhstan);
  6. Fluorography – in a district polyclinic, or in a student polyclinic (valid for a year);
  7. An extract from the outpatient card (from the student clinic or at the place of residence);
  8. tests (General analysis of blood, urine, microreaction, ECG) – these tests are valid for 10 days;
  9. Description signed by the Dean;
  10. Attached certificate (original).
Training is free of charge

Students who are ranked from the first number to the number corresponding to the number of allocated places according to the recruitment plan are attracted to the military Department for training on a free basis.

For training in the military departments, the head of the University in consultation with the MES and in accordance with the plan set for training on a reimbursable basis, may be held by students of other Universities, regardless of ownership and subordination, licensed by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to conduct educational activities, but not having military departments.

Military training ends with training camps in the military unit. Awarded the military rank of “reserve Lieutenant” after providing a diploma of Graduation.

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