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Educational program
Economics, business and management

This educational program is for those who want to become indispensable in one of the most important parts of any company’s work — Finance and management.

Do you want to start your own business or work for a large Corporation? Be able to properly manage resources and work with finances.

Educational program:

  • 6B04101 Accounting and audit
  • 6B04103 Finance
  • 6B04107 Economy
  • 6B04111 Management
  • 6B04102 Tax management
  • 6B11101 Tourism;
  • 6B11103 restaurant and hotel Business;

Learn how to work with electricity, build cars and design renewable energy facilities to become a specialist in demand at all times.

No production will be complete without you!

Educational program:

  • 6B07101 mechanical engineering
  • 6B07103 electric power INDUSTRY
  • 6B07104 unconventional and renewable energy Sources
  • 6B07501 Standardization, certification
  • 6B07102 Transport, transport equipment and technologies
General education, pedagogy and design

This educational program is designed for those who have their own vision and desire to Express themselves. Here you will learn how to change the world around you, mastering the skills of working with graphic tools.

Educational program:

  • 6B02104 Design
Information technology and service

Thanks to information technology and international travel, every point of our world is connected to each other. You can also become a part of this complex system, whether through creating new software or managing your hotel. Businesses all over the world are waiting for you!
Educational program:

  • 6B11307 transport organization and logistics
  • 6B11302 logistics
  • 6B06106 Computer SCIENCE
  • 6B06107 Information systems
  • 6B02104 Design

Choose an interesting legal direction for you and become a Themis in the modern world of business and management. Without you, the global balance of justice will be disrupted!

Educational programs:

  • 6B04201 Law
  • 6B04202 Business law
The conditions of admission

In order to become a student of the Eurasian technological University, you must submit the following list of documents:

  • application to the ETU rector;
  • document on General secondary, technical professional (primary professional or secondary professional), post-secondary or higher (higher professional) education (original);
  • 6 3×4 photos;
  • medical certificate form 086-Y;
  • vaccination certificate 063;
  • UNT certificate;
  • original and copy of ID card, original and copy of birth certificate (if the applicant is a minor);
  • a copy of the certificate of enlistment or military ID (for young men entering the full-time Department).
Date of submission of documents
Categories of applicantsDeadline for accepting applicationsThe timing of the exams
School and College graduates01.05.20 – 10.05.2020.06.20 – 05.07.20
Graduates who want to enroll in paid training25.07.20 – 03.08.2017.08.20 – 20.08.20
Students who want to transfer from creative professions to other ones25.07.20 – 03.08.2017.08.20 – 20.08.20
Persons arriving on creative specialties20.06.20 – 07.07.2008.07.20 – 13.07.20
Persons applying for pedagogical majors20.06.20 – 14.08.2020.06.20 – 14.08.20
Enrollment in the number of students in undergraduate10.08.20 – 25.08.20————————
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