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Professional practice

ETU Professional Practice is aimed at consolidating the theoretical knowledge gained in the learning process and acquisition of practical skills and competencies as well as at developing best practices.

During the training students in accordance with state compulsory educational standards and working curricula undergo different types of professional practice:

- training/educational;

- teaching;

- production;

- pre-graduation/pre-degree practice.

Professional practice of students is implemented in accordance with the curriculum within the time specified by the academic calendar of the specialty. The duration and number of production internships are determined by the state compulsory educational standards as per the corresponding specialty.

The degree-granting department shall be responsible for the organization and management of professional practice.

Professors, associate professors, PhD doctors, masters, experienced lecturers who know the specifics of the specialty and practice base are appointed as practice supervisors.  

The students’ practice shall be prepared by the degree-granting department in the following sequence:

- signing of contracts with enterprises. The contracts to be signed with the bases of practice should be prepared in accordance with a standard form of contract;

- checking the readiness in terms of provision of practice programs, individual tasks, methodical instructions, etc.;

- appointing the supervisors;

- preparing the order with indication of student’s name, location and duration of practice and practice supervisor.

A practice supervisor before starting the practice organizes the necessary training for students to be ready for practice, conducts consultations in accordance with the practice program, conducts safety inductions for students, registers the students in the safety induction registration book, monitors the course of practice, checks the students’ reports on practice, submits a written report on practice to the respective chair and arranges the acceptance of reports on practice to be defended.

At the end of practice the students shall submit to the degree-granting department a report to be checked by the supervisor and presented to the Commission created by the order of the head of chair. Following the presentation the Commission shall assess the results differently based on fixed grade-rating system and letter grading system. Overall results of the practice shall be summarized at the Educational Programs Department and Academic Council of ETU, usually with the participation of the representatives of practice bases.

For the purposes of organizing and undergoing the professional practice the degree-granting department develops a cross-cutting program and guidelines for professional practice for each specialty in accordance with the working curriculum. Cross-cutting programs and guidelines for professional practice are discussed at the faculty meeting and endorsed by Educational and Methodological Board of the University and approved by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

For undertaking all types of internship ETU students are sent to the chair branches: Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture LLP, Mashsvar LLP, Kazlegprom-Almaty LLP, where the classes are conducted using state-of-the-art equipment. The bases of practice are also the Institute of Nuclear Physics, M.Aikimbayev Kazakhstan Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, ULKO Scientific and Consulting Company, JSC National Center of Informatization, Impala LLP, Ertrans LLP, gymnasium schools, colleges of Almaty and Almaty oblast, EXPOBEST Association, Law and Education Development Center, District Offices of Internal Affairs and Departments of Internal Affairs of Almaty and Almaty oblast, Magnum Cash Carry LLP, Orient Express LLP, Asia Access International LLP, JSC Halyk Bank, Kaspi Bank and insurance companies.

Within the framework of Consortium during the academic period 2013-2014, 3rd year students of the Chair of Transport and Mechanical Engineering undergone production internship in large industrial enterprises such as "Agromashholding" and "Saryarka Avtoprom". Our students’ talents and ability to apply the knowledge gained at the University in practice have been highly appreciated and recognized by the foreign partners. Moreover, in the 2014-2015 academic year AllurGroup plans to train at the production site about 400 students, including the students of our University majoring in: 5В071200 - "Mechanical Engineering", 5B090100 - "Organization of Transportation, Movement and Operation of Transport", 5B071300 - "Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies", 5B071800 - "Electrical Power Engineering".

Due to guest lectures held at the University, the students are given the opportunity to address questions of their concern directly to the heads of the practice bases about the company's activities in the market of Kazakhstan, about internship opportunities, about creation of new jobs and about the employment of graduates at the production sites. Thus, in March 2015, the students met with the President of Toyota Motor Kazakhstan Mr. Atsuo Hoshino, the President of the Group of Automobile Companies AllurGroup Lavrentyev Andrey Sergeevich and with the Chief Representative of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Central Asia Mr. Takuya Ichihashi.


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