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Educational programs department

Educational Programs Department is a structural unit of Eurasian Technological University established for educating spiritually wealthy, fully developed and competent highly qualified specialists.

The department's main tasks:

  • Organization, coordination and control of educational, pedagogical and curatorial activities of the Department;
  • Analysing the quality of training of chairs’ graduates based on the results of state final attestation of graduates;
  • Organization of cultural-mass work of the students;
  • Organization, coordination, control and analysis of quality management system.

The main functions of the department:

  • Organization of educational, curatorial and pedagogical work with students.
  • Appointment of advisors to student groups.
  • Organization of a record of students’ academic performance and attendance as well as the analysis of its results.
  • Monitoring the quality and implementation of the curriculum as well as the class, examination and mid-term exam schedule.
  • Permission for students to undergo examination sessions and final state attestation.
  • General supervision and control over the students’ professional internship.
  • Organization of professional orientation and career guidance at schools, lyceums, colleges,enterprises and institutions and maintaining communication with ETU alumni.
  • Organization of the student government bodies’ work at the university and the student dormitory.
  • Recommending the students to be granted various forms of moral and (or) material incentives for their academic performance and active involvement, making proposals to the University administration on imposition of penalties on students.
  • Organization of work on implementation and functioning of a quality management system.

The department’s structure:

  1. Social Affairs and Youth Policy Department
  2. Youth Affairs Committee
  3. Amateur Art Sector
  4. Chair of Information Technologies and Natural Sciences Disciplines
  5. Chair of History of Kazakhstan and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines
  6. Chair of Law;
  7. Chair of Professional Training and Design
  8. Chair of Transport and Mechanical Engineering
  9. Chair of Economics and Business
  10. Chair of Electrical Power Engineering and Technosphere Safety

Seitbekova Venera Lesbekovna, Director, Candidate of Engineering

Тел. +7 (727) 292-59-00 ext.108



Aldanazarov Kaldar Tulegenovich, Deputy Director

Тел. +7 (727) 292-59-00 ext.108




Тел. +7 (727) 292-59-00 ext.108

estaeva.a@ etu.edu.kz


#109, Tole Bi Street, Almaty, 050012, Republic of Kazakhstan
Recruitment and Admissions Department

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