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Gulnara Nurpeissova

Gulnara Nurpeissova

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs


Phone.: +7(727) 292 59 00

Fax: +7(727) 292 24 43

E-mail: g.nurpeisova@etu.edu.kz

In 1988 she graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute named after Ulyanov with a degree in Automation and Telemechanics, specialization - Automated Control and Automation Systems.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.20.01 -Technologies and means of mechanization of agriculture. The topic of the dissertation is "Substantiation of systems of autonomous electricity and water supply of agro-formations on the basis of wind turbines".

Member of the Committee on the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy (RES) of the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies (RosNIO), Moscow.

1988-1992 worked as an engineer of electrotechnical department of GPI KazGiproAgropromStroyIndustry ", 1992-2004 engineer, assistant, teacher, senior teacher of Kazakh head architectural and construction academy, 2001-2012 - post-graduate student, research fellow, art. Scientific researcher, doctoral candidate, leading scientific employee of the Scientific Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, 2012-2015 - vice-rector for scientific work, director of SIC, pro-rector for science and international relations, vice-rector for academic and research work and international relations of the Kazakh automotive -road Academy. LB Goncharova.

The main scientific achievements: the author of more than 70 scientific works, including 3 copyright certificates for an invention, 2 articles in the Scopus database, 7 projects on R & D included in the state program of Kazakhstan were successfully implemented. A methodology for calculating the wind potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan for use in substantiating autonomous systems, the dependence of the optimal working wind speed on the average annual wind speed, the methodology for creating and developed electronic maps of wind power resources of Kazakhstan; General principles of modeling the systems of autonomous electricity and water supply in general and elements, the criterion for choosing the optimal parameters of the autonomous system of electricity supply and water supply, taking into account the climatic and operational conditions of the economy; Mathematical description of the functioning of systems of autonomous power supply from wind turbines and water supply from the VVU; Algorithms for selecting optimal parameters for the autonomous system of power supply and water supply and software packages for selecting rational parameters of wind turbines and VVUs taking into account the climatic and operational conditions of the farm; Composition and basic parameters of elements of autonomous power supply systems from wind power and water supply from the VVU for typical farms taking into account the climatic conditions of the area; Stands for experimental studies of elements of wind-electric, wind-lifting and micro hydropower plants, a set for simultaneous measurement of wind speed at various heights, etc. According to the design of the ICBM, 33 windmills, produced by the KazNIIMESH, were installed and put into operation in the Shetsky district of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan for electricity and water supply Peasant farms.

More than 40 educational and methodological works were developed and used in the educational process in the universities of Kazakhstan, and the discipline was compiled for 21 disciplines, which are regularly updated to reflect modern innovative and scientific developments in the field under study.

2014 was awarded with an honorary certificate of the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers of Moscow.

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Answered: Ректор

Бердибек, Еуразия технологиялық университеті «машина жасау» мамандығына дайындайтындығын хабарлайды. Білім гранттарына байқауды Қазақстан Республикасының Білім және ғылым министірлігі өткізеді. Мамандықты таңдау барысында Сізде жоғарғы оқу орындарын таңдау мүмкіндігі болады.


Asked: Бердібек

Мен ұбт-дан 83 балл алдым ал орыс тілін алып тастаса 68 балл болады ауылдық квота бар аттестаттың барлығы бес машина жасау мамандығына грантқа түсе аламын ба?





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