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About the university

ETU MISSION STATEMENT is formation of staff potential – training of high qualified competitive intelligent specialists for industrial and innovative sectors of the Kazakhstan economy through implementation of principles of Bologna Process and modern international standards of quality.

ETU VISION STATEMENT – is to become recognized in Kazakhstan and international educational space as the higher educational institution for training highly skilled and competitive professionals in energy, transport and engineering, industrial technology, economics, business and management.

ETU GOAL is providing educational services of a high quality, development of key priorities of the University activities that meet up-to-date requirements of the higher education system.



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Eurasian Technological University was established on the basis of the oldest educational institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Almaty Industrial College (1948), which was reorganized into Almaty Industrial Pedagogical Academy in 2000.

Date of primary state registration – March 3, 2000.

Among the first universities in the country implemented a Three-level European Educational System "Bachelor’s degree–Master’s degree–Doctorate (PhD)".

Almaty Industrial Pedagogical Academy changed its status and was renamed Almaty Humanitarian Technical University (State re-registration certificate No. 31873-1910-U-e).

Successfully passed the state certification.

In September 2010, among the leading universities of the country it joined Magna Charta Universitatum, committing to implement the principles of Bologna Process.

For the period from 2010 to 2015, there have been changes in the organization of the University activities and its structure, the heads of departments were reauthorized. The following departments have been established: Social Affairs and Youth Policy Department; Information and Educational Resources Department; Operations Department, and the existing departments within Education and Guidance Department have been improved and optimized: Department for Methodological Support of Educational Programs, Educational Process Management Department, Quality, Practices and Career Department; Marketing Department has been reorganized; Economic Planning and Analysis Department has been placed under the direct control of the Finance and Economics Vice-Rector; Admissions Committee; Amateur Art Sector, etc.

Within the framework of the State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, the University has been actively involved in training of competent and competitive specialists and integration with science.

Successfully passed the state certification.

Almaty Humanitarian Technical University was renamed as Eurasian Technological University (State registration certificate No.1910-02/14-6253 issued by the RK Ministry of Justice) on March 14, 2014, and has a perpetual statutory license for educational activity No.14004994 dated April 14, 2014 and obtained an accreditation certificate (series MK, No.004023) on June 5, 2014 to participate in the contest of research, scientific and technological activities funded by the state budget.

Science Education and Industry Consortium was established in January 2014. The Consortium includes: AksayGasService, Group of Automobile Companies AllurAuto, JSC AgromashHolding, JSC Eurasian Trading System Commodity Exchange and Group of Companies Autodom.

The Consortium aims to implement dual educational programs for training practice-oriented specialists with the involvement of leading professionals in business and foreign academic professors.

To strengthen the academic mobility of teachers and students and develop international cooperation of the university the Science and International Cooperation Department has been established.

Within the framework of the State Program for Education Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, the University is actively engaged in training of competent and competitive specialists and in integration with science.

For the purposes of developing the professional competence of graduates the modular educational programs have been implemented in the educational process in cooperation with employers of Allur Auto, Toyоtа City and Mashsvar LLP. Upon the recommendation of Allur Auto we developed an integrated curriculum jointly with Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).

Also, our strategic partners are large industrial and financial companies, as well as research centers such as Mashsvar LLP, Yertrans LLP, Cazlegprom-Almaty LLP, KazSRIMEA LLP, JSC Alatau Zharyk Company and Almaty Electromechanical Plant LLP, SPC Ecology LLP, JSC National Center for Expertise and Certification, OPS Merkur Sertiko, JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Kaspi Bank, Institute of Space Technique and Technology LLP, JSC National Center of Informatization and many others.

The educational process at the university is based on innovative teaching technologies, applying new educational and scientific concepts as well as creating and ever expanding e-learning products.


5 key strategic directions have been identified in the Strategic Development Plan of Eurasian Technological University for 2014-2018:


  • Development of innovative education system;
  • Training of practice-oriented highly qualified specialists in industry and business;


  • Maintenance and improvement of the scientific innovative potential of engineering of the country on all leading fronts based on the best local and global experience;


  • Providing a civic and patriotic education of a high quality and upbringing young people as the intellectual potential of the future.


  • Upgrading the implementation of international projects and programs;
  • Implementation and improvement the efficiency of academic mobility of teachers and students;
  • Implementation of integrated educational programs;


  • Qualitative updating and development of material and technical resources for educational process and scientific research;
  • Arrangement of an Effective University Management System.


Eurasian Technological University has the status of an accredited university.

Eurasian Technological University has been accredited by the decision of the Accreditation Council of the Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) up to 2020:

   1) pursuant to the institutional accreditation standards;

   2) pursuant to the standards for specialized accreditation of specialties:

      • 5B012000 - Professional training;

      • 5В071200 - Engineering;

      • 5B071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technology;

      • 5B071800 - Electrical engineering;

      • 5B073200 - Standardization, certification and metrology (as per fields).

Successful completion by the University of institutional and specialized accreditation is the recognition of performance results on continuous improvement of the quality of educational process and striving to meet international standards.


#109, Tole Bi Street, Almaty, 050012, Republic of Kazakhstan
Recruitment and Admissions Department

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