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We congratulate you on entering Eurasian Technological University, wish you productive student life and academic achievements!

From August 24 to 29 the students have classes of orientation week, which will help students to quickly adapt to student life at ETU.

During orientation week it is scheduled to conduct meetings with the Director of Educational Programs Department and advisors, employees of the Registrar’s Office and the library.

You will be able:

  1. to get acquainted with the University and its academic policy;
  2. to get acquainted with internal regulations and guidelines for using the library;
  3. to receive information on learning technology;
  4. develop your own individual education plan;
  5. the part-time students will get acquainted with academic calendar.

All first-year students need to meet with advisors and arrange individual education plans, register them in the Information System of the University and gain access to the educational portal.

Schedule of Orientation Week





Persons in charge

Lecture on Academic Policy of ETU and learning technology

24.08.15, 27.08.15


Assemble hall

The Registrar, Studies and Methodology Department

Insight into the Student’s honor code and internal regulations of ETU

24.08.15, 27.08.15


Assemble hall

Educational Programs Department

Insight into the guidelines for using the library

24.08.15, 27.08.15


Assemble hall


Insight into the activities of students’ creative organizations and clubs. Enrollment for creative clubs

24.08.15, 27.08.15


Assemble hall

Department for Educational and Social Work

Enrollment to sports classes

24.08.15, 27.08.15


Assemble hall

Chair of History of Kazakhstan and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines

Overview lessons for by correspondence course’s students




#109, Tole Bi Street, Almaty, 050012, Republic of Kazakhstan
Recruitment and Admissions Department

+7 (727) 292 58 09
+7 (777) 829 00 11